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The Journal of Preservation Technology Amy McAuley

Amy McAuley had the great honour of being asked to create a drawing of one of the original sash locks that George Washington used in the mansion to be featured in the APT Journal.  

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2019 Volume L Number 2–3

APT The Association of Preservaio Technology Amy McAuley


After approximately 450 hours of work spread across 36 days and consisting of countless miles paced while running hand planes along her workbench, McAuley completed the Mansion doors. 

SPRING 2018 MAGAZINE George Washington Mount Vernon

George Washington's Mount Vernon Amy McAuley


Quackenbush Woodworks Amy McAuley

As historic buildings age, the need for skilled restorers and repairpeople increases. Oregon resident Amy Harrington McAuley has taken up such a task through her company, Oculus Fine Carpentry, in a mostly unplugged woodworking way.”

AUGUST 16, 2017 Quackenbush Woodworks

Amy McAuley was featured in an award winning documentary that makes the case for building reuse as the primary construction industry strategy for creating "green" sustainable communities.

The Greenest Buildng Amy McAuley


The Greenest Building


You can’t get much closer to history than looking through that glass knowing the people behind you were looking through that same glass, looking at the world.”

The New York Times Amy McAuley Oculus Fine Woodworking

JULY 27, 2011

The New York Time


The Seattle Times Amy McAuley Oculus Fine Woodworking

She does a super job. That's the hallmark of her work — quality," Skilton said. "She is unique. There's nobody else that I know of that does what she does."

JANUARY 14, 2007 Seattle Times


Students save, protect historical structure."

The Whidbey Examiner Amy McAuley Oculus Fine Woodworking

AUGUST 22, 2013 The Whidbey Examiner

Collaborated in the writing and illustrations of the Window Preservation Standards which catalogs specific methods for the assessment, maintenance, repair, preservation and weatherization of older and historic wooden windows.  

Window Preservation Standards Amy McAuley Oculus Fine Woodworking