Traditional Sash Joinery, Window Conservation and Researcher
Oculus Fine Carpentry Traditional Sash Joinery Window Conservation and Research
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Mt. Vernon George Washington's Estate

Multiple projects including the restoration of the venetian window, building of six 18th century reproduction doors, and 

conservation of the west front of the mansion.   

Mount Vernon, VA 
Oculus Fine Carpentry Amy McAuley Heceta Lighthouse

Heceta Head Lighthouse

A multiyear project involving the conservation of 4 original windows in the watch-room and the building of 6 new windows for the tower and workroom. 

Alexandria, VA
Oculus Fine Carpentry Amy McAuley Casey State Ranger Station

Casey State Park Ranger Station

This little cabin sits on the Rogue River and Oculus restored two  of the historic windows on the south elevation. 

Jackson County, Oregon
Oculus Fine Carpentry Amy McAuley Fort Yamhill

Fort Yamhill

Fort Yamhill was constructed in 1856 on the edge of the Grand Ronde Indian Reservation.  Oculus restored and rebuilt the windows in the small bay situated right behind my Great Uncle. 

Grand Ronde, Oregon
Oculus Fine Carpentry Amy McAuley Yaquina Lighthouse

Yaquina Head Lighthouse 

This large front door was made using 3" thick Alaskan Yellow Cedar and replaced an historically inappropriate metal door.  This door serves as the main entrance to this lighthouse.  

Newport, Oregon
Oculus Fine Carpentry Amy McAuley Fort Dalles

Fort Dalles

Fort Dalles is an 1856 military fort situated along the Oregon Trail.  This multiyear project involved the complete preservation of all the windows in the Surgeon's Quarters.  

Dalles, Oregon
Oculus Fine Carpentry Amy McAuley Coquille River

Coquille River Lighthouse

In 2009 Oculus was contracted to remove an insensitive replacement window in this lighthouse.  I replicated a replacement window using the original drawings from 1896.

Bandon, Oregon
Nishnabotna Oculus Fine Carpentry Amy McAuley

Nishnabotna Ferry Building

My first project completely unplugged and a test to see if I could make sash by hand.  8 pairs of sash were replicated to match original drawings for this 1850 ferry house which is part of the Underground Railroad.   

Lewis, Iowa
Oculus Fine Carpentry Amy McAuley Golden Church

Golden Church

This church is part of a ghost town in southern Oregon.  Once a vibrant gold mining community all that is left now are 4 structures.   In 2009 I conserved 4 pairs of original windows. 

Golden, Oregon